High School Leveled Courses

High School Courses at Mount Zion Christian SchoolsWe recognize God made each of us different. The leveling in each course honors that by placing students in a curriculum that is challenging yet accessible to each student. Each of the following core courses will be offered in the classroom at three different levels. Depending on the level a student is in, the course description will be different. The prefixes attached to the course to represent the course name are: Basic, College, Honors. For instance, Freshman English which is English 1 would be offered as Basic English 1, College English 1 and Honors English 1.

Course Requirements

Most courses are taught at three different levels of competency and designated basic, standard or honors. Students must take a course in Bible, English, Math, History and Science for each year at Mount Zion.
Optional courses below have *.

Course Requirements
  • Bible - .5 credit each year
  • English - English I, II, III & IV
  • Math - Algebra I & II, Geometry, Advanced Math, *Calculus or Statistics (AP offered)
  • History - American Government, Ancient World History, United States History, & Modern World History
  • Science - Botany & Zoology, Cellular Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Spanish - Spanish I, II, III, *IV & *Spanish intern program (working with younger children)
  • Health - .5 credit
  • Economics - .5 credit
  • Athletics - .5 credit per year. All students are required to participate each year in one competitive sport and at least one other regularly scheduled athletic activity. Activities not offered by Mount Zion must be approved by our Athletic Director.
  • Arts - (1 credit required for graduation) Praise band, Drama, Art (others by interest)

Graduation Requirements

Students who graduate from Mount Zion must complete a course of study that is more rigorous than is required by the State of NH. Students must successfully complete the course of studies above for each year at Mount Zion. The foreign language requirement may be waived by the administration in some cases. A student who matriculates into Mount Zion may graduate short of our overall requirements with the permission of the headmaster provided that student has successfully completed the Mount Zion required coursework for each year at Mount Zion and meets all requirements set forth by the NH State Board of Education.

Tour Our NH Based Christian School Team Structure

Students in our high school are on an academic team. This means that students on the same academic team are in class together and share the same teachers. These teachers meet three times a week to discuss the students. High school teams have up to six core teachers.

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