Technology at Mount Zion Christian School

Technology at Mount Zion Christian SchoolsOur children face a world filled with technology that didn't exist in when we were in school. We must prepare our students to face the world, to use available technology to learn and expand God's kingdom.

Laptops, Smart Boards, Projectors, Software and more

At Mount Zion, we embrace technology and tightly integrate into every aspect of the curriculum. We provide our teachers with laptops and Smart Board technology as classroom aids in delivering the basic foundations of knowledge. Using technology such as laptops, projectors, and current software our teachers help our students learn how to learn as well as how to synthesize their knowledge into traditional papers, lively presentations, even video recordings.

With academic excellence and high-end technology as hallmarks, Mount Zion is changing the way Christian education looks today. Teachers use the "Intentional Schools" method, using technology with direct teaching to improve student learning. Students bring their laptops into the classroom using it as an important tool for learning.

Tour Our NH Based Christian School Email Us at Protected WiFi, blogging & electronic weekly grade reports

We believe the Internet, properly filtered, provides a wealth of knowledge by placing the world's libraries at a student's fingertips. Our school offers wireless connectivity to students. We deliver grade, community information such as sports and academic calendars, a parent blog and weekly grade reports electronically at Mount Zion.

Science Lab at Mount Zion Christian SchoolFully equipped science lab and more...

Our middle school has a fully equipped science lab, where students learn to appreciate the beauty of God's creation as they explore the design of the physical world through experiments. Smart Boards provide visual and hands-on learning that expand the students' literary and mathematical understanding.

Laptops required for high school students

Our high school students are required to use a laptop, as assignments are delivered and submitted online. Through the advancement in technology, Mount Zion High School students are able to work molecular models on an interactive white board, capture lab cell pictures through digital microscopes while using the science lab for hands-on experiments.

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