Family Testimonials

Dear Mount Zion Educators,

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how my leap of faith in bringing Sarah to New Hampshire and the shelter of Mount Zion is going from my perspective.

Tour Our NH Based Christian School Email Us at If you are receiving this note, it is because you have made a profound impact to the heart and soul of my daughter Sarah in the time she has been there. While Mount Zion functions as a whole symbiotic entity, each person there contributing his or her best self, you are being singled out because of the joy, gravity, purpose and love with which you have touched my daughter. She has talked of lessons learned from her exposure to how you live your life.

Sarah came here rather hesitantly at first, unwilling to believe anything was missing from her life. She had no idea of the wider world, what her place or purpose in it might be, or how she might more fully realize what she might be able to accomplish in life.

From my perspective, that is the great gift you have given to her. The idea of your hearts wanting her to be her best self, in the praise and service of her Creator, was missing from her education. I have loved seeing her unfold beneath your love and care, and lift her face to the possibilities of life.

Thank you for all you do. May you have a blessed Christmas!

Lori M.

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