Prayer at Mount Zion

PrayerIn the early 1960's, prayer within the American school systems started to become under attack and by the end of 1963, prayer, in one form or another, was banned in the public school system all together.

At Mount Zion Christian Schools prayer is one of the foundations of which our school stands strong on. It is not only allowed, but encouraged in all aspects of our daily life at school and at home. Our Board of Directors, Administrators, Teachers and Staff all believe that prayer is an integral part of our school and we continuously encourage our students to continue their relationship with God by praying and communicating with Him.

Whether the students are in our Pre-K class or are seniors in our High School, they understand the value prayer has and the privilege of which it brings. It is taught throughout our schools that communicating with God and building a relationship with Christ is the most important aspect of our lives here on earth.

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