Gift of The Gardener

Few gifts can impact a child's life like the opportunity to be schooled in a safe nurturing environment where Christ is the center around which life turns.

Many extended family members believe in and support Christian education by helping with the burden of tuition. Now you have the opportunity to call it what it is, a gift from you to them. Maybe you have never thought of supporting your family in this way. You can choose to support a young loved one by offering the gift of scholarship to them or their family.

Gift of The Gardener

Mount Zion Christian Schools offers Pre-K to 12 schooling in the greater Manchester, NH area. With academic excellence and high-end technology as hallmarks, Mount Zion is changing the way Christian education looks today.

The Gift of the Gardner Family Scholarship Program works like this. You fill out the Scholarship Pledge Gift sheet. You give the top portion to the individual or family you are offering to support. You mail the middle portion to the school and keep the bottom portion for your records. After the child you are supporting has been accepted for the year you are indicating, you will be contacted by the school to arrange your method of payment towards the students account.

Tour Our NH Based Christian School Because this gift is for a specific child the IRS does not allow it as a tax-deductible donation. We do have an annual fund drive to support the scholarship needs of our many worthy students and encourage you to look into that program too. It is a way to touch the lives of others.

If you are interested in knowing more about our school or scholarship programs please contact Admissions at 603-606-7930.

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