Faith in Action

Faith In ActionChristian growth comes through learning to serve others. Mount Zion Christian Schools creates an environment where community service projects, leadership training and student government, as well as local, regional and global missions trips is part the students educational experience. We understand that Jesus Christ came as a servant and is our example in a world characterized by self indulgence.

Encouraging students to be involved

In Philippians 2:4, followers of Christ are instructed to "Care about others as much as you care about yourselves." We strongly encourage our students and staff to be involved in outreach programs, community service, and missions. Every student at Mount Zion is given the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate community service projects throughout the year.

Opportunities for Christian outreach ministries

Tour Our NH Based Christian School Email Us at High school and 8th grade students, parents and teachers are invited to participate in a foreign missions trip, and younger students are given the opportunity to travel to domestic locations to work with individuals in Christian ministry. We are always encouraging local community service as well; which is just as important. The Mount Zion "Faith in Action" component is a vital part of our school. It gives students a chance to experience the joy of seeing God work through them as He accomplishes His purposes.

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