Getting Involved at Mount Zion

Mount Zion Christian SchoolMount Zion Christian Schools thrives on faith in action to help "Equip our Students for God's Purpose". Beyond the obvious cost-savings that volunteer service provides to Mount Zion, it helps to build our community in myriad ways. Making your faith visible through action builds the faith of others in unseen ways.

Building the Faith of Others...

  • Service sets an example to your children about what you value and where your heart is.
  • Service improves academic excellence because students look to you for recognition of their achievements.
  • Service provides opportunities to meet and get to know other parents.
  • Service strengthens the "off-campus" network of support for students and adults.
  • Service increases opportunities to provide a wider variety of activities for student growth.
  • Service builds spiritual strength within the school.
  • Service has a way of building your spiritual life as you bless others

Health Club Gift of The Gardener
Legacy Fund Annual Fund

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