Elementary Academics

Lifelong success starts with a solid Christian Education.

Mount Zion Elementary SchoolsAt Mount Zion we seek to encourage and mentor one another to mature in Christ-likeness, by speaking the truth with love in the classroom, fostering positive social relationships, and engaging in Christian service projects. We are committed to inspiring our young people to excel both as Christians and as students because we are committed not only to what they are becoming, but who they are becoming.

At Mount Zion Christian Schools we seek to encourage the cultivation of these spiritual attitudes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. By providing a safe, biblically based and academically challenging environment, we encourage students to reach their full potential, offering them the freedom to become the person God made them to be.

Our curriculum has been reviewed by experienced Christian educators and uses secular and Christian resources to bring about an academically challenging experience to all of our students. Our program of teaching to three different levels in math and language arts, insures that students are challenged yet don't have demands beyond their capability.

Our curriculum resources use the following:

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