Middle School Academics

The middle school years are pivotal in a child's development, representing the transitional time between childhood and young adulthood. They provide one of the greatest opportunities to shepherd the hearts of young people, to afford them a shelter and secure footing for their future, and to cultivate love for God and others.

Thinking critically and relating Biblically

Mount Zion Middle SchoolAt Mount Zion, our entire program is designed to create a healthy environment whereby students are challenged to think critically and to relate Biblically. Unlike other educational institutions, where teachers hope merely to survive the wildly variable maturity levels of this age group, the Mount Zion faculty has a specific calling to embrace the constructive nurturing of these budding young adults.

The Middle School day consists of five core subjects (Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science and History), as well as electives which include visual arts, performing arts, Spanish and physical education. After-school enrichment activities include a full three-season sports program which instills the concepts of leadership, team building and sportsmanship that will serve the student throughout life.

Team Structure

Students in middle school or high school are on an academic team. This means that students on the same academic team are in class together and share the same teachers. These teachers meet three times a week to discuss the students. Middle school teams have at least two core teachers and high school teams have up to six.

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